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Lakeside Patio and Custom Cook Station

Lakeside Patio and Grill Station - This enchanting lakeside patio is a perfect gathering space for family and friends.  After a relaxing day on the lake, the attention will certainly turn to the one-of-a-kind outdoor cook center complete with stone chimney and custom barbecue designed and built by the M. J. Whelan crew. Calling this unit a barbecue is a total understatement! For starters, the extra-large stainless steel base and lid assembly were fabricated to fit the unique design, the heavy lid is spring loaded to raise and lower with ease. If a traditional barbecue is on the menu, light up the charcoal and bring out the burgers - there is enough room on this grill to feed a hungry army!   After dinner, a wood fire can be built in the fire box below and the fireplace will warm the whole patio, perfect for entertaining on a cozy summer evening. And last but not least, for the serious foodies; the fireplace is also a smoker big enough to roast a pig! The fire is built below, and through a series of smoke chambers and dampers, barbecue perfection is truly possible.  And if that weren’t enough –on either side of the grill are granite topped prep and serving areas with convenient wood storage below. And of course, no BBQ would be complete without a place to keep your favorite beverage ice cold.  It can’t get any better than this!

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