Speciality Craftsmanship


Best Ever Bourbon Room

Space was limited after several remodeling projects, but our clients had one more request; they needed a home for their extensive bourbon collection. Their wish list included the need to display as well as store, a space for tasting, security, and of course design appeal. They preferred a spot close to their existing bar and entertaining space. Our design team captured an inaccessible and thought to be unusable curved section of the basement and transformed it into an old world inspired Bourbon Room. The curved cement wall was lined with 10 custom-made hickory display cabinets. Each display cabinet is lit for ease of access and includes storage below. The cabinets are topped with decorative crown molding which merges into a rustic plank ceiling.  An authentic bourbon barrel was incorporated as a tasting table and accentuates the curved design. The entire room is separated from the adjacent living space by full length custom glass wall and door with fingerprint security which not only protects the collection but allows the space to be properly climate controlled.

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