Speciality Craftsmanship


Luxury Equestrian Closet

This 200-square-foot highly customized closet – part of a master suite addition in Milford that wrapped up in 2019 – created a functional and fashionable space inspired by the client’s distinctive wardrobe. Gray/blue walls provide a soothing backdrop for the fresh modern aesthetic that lets boots, shoes, handbags and more shine in the spotlight. 
Classic white cabinetry features vertical and horizontal lighting to illuminate garments and other gear. Custom matte aluminum-framed glass doors further accentuate the contents within, while pull-down hanging rods and flip-up glass doors near the ceiling offer easy access. A built-in dresser with drawers galore joins roomy closets for the ultimate storage solutions that were tailor-made for an equestrian and her dressage attire. 
In fact, designer duds would be the main driver behind this high-end closet complete with glass cabinets made to fit and showcase Gucci boots. Even a custom bench opens to reveal hidden storage. Wood floors ground the well-appointed space, while a series of windows maximize natural light. 
A peninsula that incorporates open shelves and drawers on either side along with a dramatic endcap for display takes center stage. As this clever closet demonstrates, all it takes is a touch of luxury to elevate your daily routine. Now the entire newly-added space feels like a bespoke boutique designed to start the day in style.

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