Lake House Redefined

Lake House Redefined! After recently purchasing the 1958, 2,700 square foot ranch on Long Lake in Commerce, it wasn’t long before the homeowners contacted M.J. Whelan to remodel the interior and update the exterior.  Their list included a new kitchen, more bedrooms, open floor plan, lots of storage and an updated look. Our team jumped in and the result is impressive!
There is barely a room that wasn't touched by this whole house renovation. The shallow roof of the original house has been removed to make way for a second story with 2 new bedrooms, a great room with vaulted ceiling and a spectacular wall of windows. New roof trusses have been hoisted in place, the old fireplace demolished, walls removed, ceilings opened, new stairs built and the front door has been relocated. We added approximately 180 square feet to the front of the home for a home office for the homeowner who works from home and we added attic trusses over the garage to create approximately 600 square feet of much needed storage space. The new large kitchen with Wood-Mode cabinets is at the heart of the home with spectacular views of the lake.
The ranch has been redefined and the new home has blossomed before our eyes! Renovations Commerce, MI

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